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Volunteer Carers Wanted


We desperately need donations

Training Workshops for New Foster Care Takers

Upcoming classes on the morning of Saturday, March 7th and afternoon of Saturday, April 4th, in Waunakee.

Please fill out an application to learn more about these workshops and fostering!

We are a network of wildlife rehabilitators in South Central Wisconsin.

  • Wisconsin WildCare cares for over 600 orphaned and injured wild animals each year.
  • Educates the public on how to prevent and humanely address conflicts with wildlife.
  • 100% volunteer organization and all rehabbing and fostering conducted in a network of private homes.
  • Learn more about becoming a volunteer foster caretaker.

Did you find an animal that needs help?

Your donations have a HUGE impact on our little organization

Please Help Us!


We are looking for volunteers to care for orphaned baby raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, or opossums in their homes until they are ready for release under the careful guidance of our licensed rehabilitators.