Spring has sprung!

How many of you looked outside this morning and thought spring? Let me tell you, despite the snowy conditions, spring has sprung in southern Wisconsin. Here at WI WildCare, nothing says spring quite like a baby animal rescue, such as the one above, rescued last night in a Middleton neighborhood.

Earlier that day, a fox kit had been found in a church parking lot. She was brought in to Four Lakes Wildlife Center where one of our licensed wildlife rehabilitators later picked her up for further assessment and care. That evening, another licensed rehabber went back to the area to search for a den site to possibly reunite the kit with its family. Instead, another kit was found, only she was much weaker. With the temps falling and the snow beginning, a group of volunteers gathered in the dark to help search for any sign of this fox family, particularly any additional kits that would not make it through the night alone and without shelter. No such luck, but all evidence suggests that these kits are truly orphaned. Overnight, the second kit found (pictured) took a turn for the worse. Our heroic rehabber, who specializes in foxes, tended to her throughout the night. Thanks to Four Lakes Wildlife Center  for providing some advanced medical care to her this morning. Her situation is currently touch and go as we try to figure out the cause of her symptoms. The first kit saw a veterinarian this morning for some medical issues, but has remained feisty and playful.

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