Middleton Fox Kit Update & More


The little fox is doing very well! She is now almost 4lbs and her appetite is increasing by the day. She has almost lost her dark natal coat as she changes to her sandy colored juvenile coat. It is believed that kits change to their sandy coat to match the sandy soil of the den site to help camouflage them from predators. At this time the pups would be emerging from the den for longer periods of time as they explore their surroundings.

With the nice weather, the little fox has spent time in an outdoor enclosure. She is playful, running around with sticks, leaves & pine cones. She brings them back to her man made den. She is showing all the natural behaviors of a fox at her age.



Wisconsin WildCare received another fox kit on Monday April 13th. The second kit was rescued by Four Lakes Wildlife Center volunteer John. She was found in a sewer drain and John implemented his skills and knowledge about wildlife to safely retrieve her. After 48 hours in specialized care by both Four Lakes Wildlife Center and Wisconsin WildCare’s licensed rehabilitator, the fox kit was stabilized.

Her den was located by a homeowner in Monona and on Tuesday night Wisconsin WildCare implemented a reunite. The fox kit was set up in a puppy play pen with a kennel cab. The pen was used to ensure that the kit would not wander away from her den sight and to ensure mom could dig underneath it to retrieve the kit. At around 8:00pm the kit became anxious, digging to get out and barking so that her mother would come to the rescue. At approximately 8:15pm, the reunite was successful and the kit was back with its family.

When the opportunity arises for wildlife to stay with their family, we take all possible measures to make that happen. It was amazing to see the family reunite and it is wonderful to share this success story.




We want to thank everybody for all the support that Wisconsin WildCare has received. We hope you enjoy the updates on the fox kits.