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Yes, you CAN be a foster, even if…

…you have pets

All of our wildlife rehabilitators and the vast majority of fosters have pets. We keep the wildlife we care for separate from our pets so that they don’t become accustomed to being around domestic animals. If you have a spare room, space in your enclosed garage , an outbuilding or other sheltered space, you could be a wildlife foster.

…you have children

All of our wildlife rehabilitators and many of our fosters have children. Raising orphaned wildlife can teach your kids to better understand and respect wildlife, to have compassion for animals in need.

…you have a job

Nearly all of our rehabilitators and fosters have a regular job.

…you live in the city

Some wildlife rehabilitators and fosters live in an urban environment. Some care for younger orphans until they are old enough for outdoor caging, then transfer the juveniles to a foster who can accommodate outdoor caging. Others raise orphans to release, building outdoor pre-release caging that is sheltered from everyday human activity.

…you can’t start until later in the season, or can only help in the early months

If you can only commit to half a season, please still consider fostering. We likely can find another foster who can only help the other half of the season. Together, you will give a group of orphans a chance they wouldn’t have otherwise.

…you need to be away for a few weeks

That’s OK, enjoy your vacation. We have experienced fosters who can “babysit” (as long as you promise to come back).

Still considering becoming a foster?