The Madison 5 (minus 1) Naming Contest

Thank you for all of your wonderful name ideas! We will review the entries and post the top three for each as soon as possible. Then, you can help us choose by voting for your favorites! - Wisconsin WildCare

On March 28th, 2019 Wisconsin WildCare was contacted by the Madison Police Department. A women walking on the east side of Madison was alerted by her dog that there was a suspicious bag near some construction debris. Five live baby raccoons were discovered in the bag and sadly their deceased mother, who had apparently died from blunt trauma, was found in a separate bag. Sgt. Matt Baker kept the little ones warm in his vehicle and contacted us and we were able to pick them up shortly after. They were cared for by an intake volunteer who stabilized them and passed to them to one of our in-home foster volunteers for rehabilitation until release.

We have named one kit after Sgt. Baker, who helped save them, but we need YOUR help to name the other four kits and your financial support to help pay for costs for raising them and the other hundreds of wild animals that we will care for this year.

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Game rules

Click on the photos of below to learn more about the personalities (yes, raccoon kits do have unique personalities) of each of the four in need of a name. We will take suggestions until midnight on May 19th. Our panel of expert raccoon name judges will select our three favorite names for each of the four kits. Then, during the week of May 20th, we’ll let our followers choose their favorite name from these three. Winners will be announced on Saturday, May 25.